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Guaranteed 8 Semester Bachelor's Degree Programs

Pursuant to Act 1014 of 2005, qualified first-time freshmen may elect to participate in a guaranteed 8-semester degree completion program for most bachelor’s degree programs. A student must accept or waive participation in the guaranteed 8-semester bachelor’s degree program. When choosing to participate in the guaranteed 8-semester bachelor’s degree program, a student accepts responsibility for monitoring his/her progress toward a degree and for making choices that will lead to graduation in four years.

Degree majors that are included in the 8-semester bachelor’s degree program are:
School of Education Programs:

1. Rehabilitation Education
2. Leisure Recreation
School of Arts and Sciences:

1. Art Education
2. Biology
3. Chemistry
4. Computer Science
5. Criminal Justice
6. English, BA
7. Gerontology
8. History
9. Industrial Technology
10. Physics
11. Political Science
12. Psychology
13. Social Work
14. Sociology
15. Theater and Mass Communications
16. Visual Arts
School of Agriculture, Fisheries and Human Sciences:
1. Agricultural Sciences, Options in:
    Agricultural Economics
    Agriculture Business
    Animal Science
    Plant and Soil Science
2. Fisheries Biology
School of Business and Management:
 1. Accounting
2. Business Administration, Options in
     Office Management